Critical Research on Religion- Volume: 9, Number: 2 (August 2021)

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Subject: Critical Research on Religion- Volume: 9, Number: 2 (August 2021)
Date: July 26th 2021



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Critical Research on Religion- Volume: 9, Number: 2 (August 2021)


Special Issue: Enlightening Religion



Table of Contents




“Enlightening religion: Light and darkness in religious knowledge and knowledge about religion”

Jeremy Stolow and Birgit Meyer




“Offshoring the invisible world? American ghosts, witches, and demons in the early enlightenment”

Craig Koslofsky


“Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind: Light and luminous being in Islamic theology”

Christian Lange


“Visualizing the soul: Diagrams and the subtle body of light (jism laṭīf) in Shams al-Dīn al-Daylamī’s The Mirror of Souls (Mirʿāt al-arwāḥ)”

Eyad Abuali


“When silence is “yeelen” (light): Exploring the corporeality of the mind in a nocturnal solo zikr practice (Odienné, Ivory Coast)”

André Chappatte


“Japanese divine light in Kinshasa: transcultural resonance and critique in the religiously multiple city”

Peter Lambertz


“Electric light and the visualization of Catholic power in Spain during the Restoration Era (1874–1931)”

Daniel Pérez-Zapico


Book Reviews:


Review of Mubashar Hasan, Islam and Politics in Bangladesh: The Followers of Ummah”

by Md Mizanur Rahman


Review of M. A. Muqtedar Khan, Islam and Good Governance: A Political Philosophy of Ihsan

by Ömer Faruk Koç


Review of Tad DeLay, Against: What does the White Evangelical Want?

by SJ Cowan


Review of Oliver Freiberger, Considering Comparison: A Method for Religious Studies

by Jens Schlieter


Review of Giuseppe Giordan and Adam Possamai (eds), The Social Scientific Study of Exorcism in Christianity

by Richard Cimino



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