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This is the listserve of The Center for Critical Research on Religion (http://www.criticaltheoryofreligion.org). The Center publishes the journal Critical Research on Religion with SAGE Publications (http://crr.sagepub.com) and the book series "Studies in Critical Research on Religion" in hardcover with Brill Academic Publishers (http://brill.com/scrr) and in paperback with Haymarket books (https://www.haymarketbooks.org/series_collections/13-studies-in-critical-research-in-religion).

The purpose of this listserve is to serve as a means of communication for The Center and its activities, and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between scholars interested in the critical theory of religion, critical research on religion, and the critical study of religion broadly defined.

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New Book Announcement: Water Benjamin and the Critique of Political Economy: A New Historical Materialism by Duy Lap Nguyen

July 16th 2022

*Walter Benjamin and the Critique of Political Economy: A New Historical Materialism *(Bloomsbury Press Critical Theory in Contemporary Society Series, August 2022).    “Duy Lap Nguyen shows how Benjamin in his later work appropriates a Marx unsuspected by orthodox Marxists, one whose conception of historical time is no less messianic than dialectical. Through wide-ranging and detailed analyses, he demonstrates the fundamental consistency of this new, allegorically framed historical materialism in ...Continue Reading